Sunday, December 24, 2017

I've been mulling over attempting to write some kind of definitive piece regarding the Trump era, and how I fear it represents a serious danger to our way of life as it slings daggers at the very heart of our society.

I must admit, I find it absolutely overwhelming. I honestly don't know where to start, or what direction to take it. I'm not even sure how to define how I feel, or what I think of all of it. I feel I am a fairly adept writer, but I don't believe I have command of the thoughts or the words to communicate anything even reasonably intelligible. It's just too deep, too vast.

I guess I should take things a piece or two at a time, and perhaps later find a means to bind them all together to form a comprehensive overview of where I believe we find ourselves.

I truly fear we are in new and dangerous territory. We didn't get to this perilous juncture overnight. It's been brewing for several decades, at least since the 1950s with the advent of the civil rights movement. We are living in what has become a deep ideological rift - a yin and yang that has not yet found a way to integrate, one with the other. It's difficult to even communicate with each other because we start from so vastly different paradigms. We barely speak the same language, and have certainly developed vastly different philosophies.

The fact that change comes so rapidly and from all directions makes our plight even harder to define. Throughout much of human history radical change in the way people lived often took centuries. There do remain people living today who do so much as their ancestors did hundreds, perhaps thousands of years ago.

But most of us have been living through changes starting, I suppose, with the western renaissance, and then subsequently accelerating with the advent of the industrial revolution. But even those changes came slowly compared to what has been happening to most of us just over the past 50 years or so, what with the coming of the computer age which has enabled the acquisition of and access to heretofore unimaginable amounts of information, and the ability to communicate much of that information instantly with people all round the world and beyond. We simply don't know what to do with all of it, or what it means to us in the present, how it will affect our future, and how it has enabled us to see into the past. So much of what we long believed to be true about human history has been at least called into question, and much of it has been debunked.

Many of us are effectively dazzled by what we see, hear and feel in this electronic age, finding it confusing and frightening. So, some find comfort in "clinging to their guns and their bibles," harkening back to some time before, some vague "good old days" when men were men or some shit. Others, of a more opportunistic ilk exploit our confusion and fear as a means to kindle falsehoods into conspiracies for their own aggrandizement, ascending to power and often great financial gain.

Fortunately, others of us manage to calm ourselves, dampen our fears and attempt to look through or around, all the clamor, all the sturm und drang, all the misinformation, all the hysteria and ignorance in an effort to grab onto a trailing thread that will hopefully take us to a place of reason and understanding.

The race is on.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Donald Trump is insane! His administration is an embarrassment to the Keystone Cops. Everyday, I physically cringe and get not a little nauseous when it comes back to me that he is our president. I have spared nothing in my derision, outrage, sarcasm and disgust. I have been about as merciless with those who chose to vote for him.

However, a sobering thought keeps hitting me in the head. Bill Maher touched on this in his "New Rules" monologue last Friday night. In it he stat...ed that we should give up trying to change his true believers' minds by cynically bringing up facts. All we're accomplishing is cementing them even deeper in the hardening concrete of their delusion.

As hard as it will be, we have to find a way to understand where it is they are coming from. We need to be sincere in our efforts to communicate, mainly to listen and then discuss the issues and attempt to find common ground. 

This will not be easy, but consider, we generally consider ourselves as being generally smarter and more aware of what's happening than most Trumpsters. I know this sounds not just a little smarmy and condescending. I guess it is. But if we want to break through the barrier between our respective camps, it will likely be up to us to take the first step. It will require that we swallow hard, that we gird our loins (however that is accomplished) and dive in.

Frankly, I don't have any idea how to begin, other than for us to go to friends and family and give it a go. I think it's probably best to listen a lot more than we talk.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Our world wise president once again proves he knows absolutely nothing about history, in particular, American History. He hasn't so much as picked up a book anytime in his adult life.

He now claims that that bastion of racial tolerance, Andrew Jackson would have had just the right touch to mediate between the north and south, and therefore, would have avoided the Civil War. What a guy! Never mind that it was Jackson who oversaw the slaughter of thousands of Native Americans and displacing thousands more. No doubt he would have mustered the sensitivity to deal fairly with all factions including Black slaves, southern plantation owners, northern merchants and abolitionists to come to an amicable agreement that would have been lauded by all.

Trump has also said that he would be honored to have that "pretty smart cookie" Korea's Kim Jong Un come for a White House visit so they could "work things out." He has also made an open invitation to Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte to come have a nice WH dinner. This after calling and congratulating Turkey's dictator Erdogan for his electoral victory, eliminating all democratic elements of their government.

Notice a pattern here? Coupled with his long time swooning over Vladimir Putin, Trump has repeatedly and consistently shown an admiration and probably not a little envy for the world's current crop of authoritarian leaders. Delusions of grandeur.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Trump granted an exclusive interview to what I believe were 3 Reuters reporters a few days ago. As they were sitting in the Oval Office discussing - whatever - tax issues, immigration, climate change - whatever - out of nowhere and totally off topic, Trump produced printed US maps showing where he had won his electoral votes, laying the on the desk in front of each reporter. Total non sequitur. 

Taken aback, the reporters paused, and in some way acknowledged the maps, and then proceeded to continue the conversation as it had been.

Trump is a child. An egomaniacal, narcissistic child. He continues to have these rallies as he did just a couple days ago in Philly. For what purpose? Can you think of any other president who continued to have such rallies just after being elected and sworn in to office? 

Obama and most other presidents would, from time to time go out on a rallying tour of sorts to promote some particular piece of legislation, or to support someone running for political office. But these rallies Trump has and continues to have are for no other reason than to allow him to wallow in the unabashed "love" of his rabid base. They are as useless as his numerous week-ends spent at Mara Lago playing golf.

 And we're paying for all of it!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

If Trump and Pence blunder us into a war with North Korea - or anyone, for that matter - through their ignorance and careless belligerent posturing, I think both should be jailed and the death penalty should be heavily considered.

The threats they and others in the administration are making against North Korea are dangerous and totally unneccessary. Kim Jong Un may actually be more volatile and unpredictable than Trump. He and his father and grandfather before him have spent virtually every available won (NK's currency,) on its military. Millions of North Koreans are apparently starving, but no matter so long as the military gets bigger and better. 

We know Un has nuclear weapons as his disposal, and, at least publicly he appears more than eager to use them. Even without the nukes, he has a huge # of long range artillery pieces aimed directly at Seoul which is only like 30 miles south of the DMZ. 

I also heard on the tube that he has something like 70 submarines. Now what quality and effectiveness they are is anyone's guess, but it still seems a real possibility that at least a few of them could wreak havoc somewhere in the world. 

The point being that any statements or movements by the US and/or our allies could be interpreted by Un as provocation. Keep in mind, it's not a matter of who could or would ultimately win such a conflict. North Korea could be rendered nothing more than radioactive ash in a matter of hours. Again, even without using nukes, Un's million man army could probably be defeated quickly.

The issue is how many people including South Koreans, Japanese and others in the region would be killed? How much damage could North Korea lay on its neighbors? And, remember, we have several military bases and thousands of our military members in the area that would almost certainly be targeted. And it's unclear as to whether North Korea has any assets here in or near the US. It's also unclear how China and/or Russia would respond. Would they back us or North Korea? 

Given any thoughtful analysis, would military action against North Korea be worth those kind of losses?

Friday, April 21, 2017

Every president, every politician, hell anyone who has been in the public eye for any length of time has misspoken. It just goes with the territory. We're all human, and we all screw up.

But Trump and a # of his lap dogs have taken verbal bullshitting to another level. Many of them can barely utter a sound that is not a lie or wrong in some substantive way.

One just wonders when or if Trump's adorants (I think that's a word I just made up, but it seems appropriate) will ever come to realize that lying and generally being utterly clueless is not a good quality in anyone, let alone a president.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Trumpsters are loving his having ordered the launching of 59 Tomahawk missiles into Syria and allowing his military to deploy that monster bomb in Afghanistan. They apparently equate it with Trump having a big cock (which we pretty much know is not the case.) They also seem to have gotten all hot and heavy in love with his threats against North Korea. "Oh man! He's so presidential! Not like that wussy darkie before him."

People. Think about this. In less than 3 months Donnie... has taken us to the brink of war with a country which has nukes and is run by someone who actually may be crazier and less predictable than Trump. All this to pump up his poll #s? Wagging the dog to distract us from Russia?

His threats literally put millions of people at serious risk in South Korea and Japan including many thousands of Americans - military and civilians - in both countries. And, to believe that such a conflict would not touch us here at home, is at best naive. Americans in this country will die. Perhaps thousands or more.

Does this give you Trumpees a boner? Is this the swamp draining you were hoping for? Happy days.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Many of us wish we could simply remove Trump & Pence and install Clinton (or Sanders) as president, but I believe if the presidency was simply handed over to Clinton, we would likely have a violent revolution on our hands. In any event, the constitution would not allow for that.

If both Trump AND Pence were found to have knowingly colluded with the Russians, and both resigned or were impeached and found guilty, the best result would be, IMO, another election. During any interim period presumably Ryan would become president unless he too were found to have been involved with Russia. That would leave us with a President Tillerson. Oh goody!

Again, I don't know if the constitution would allow for another election. Congress would, I suppose, have to enact new legislation approved by both houses, signed by whoever sits in the Oval Office and probably it would have to survive Supreme Court challenges.

All that could take a great deal of time, and considering that the majority of the players in this scenario would still be Republicans, its success would be very much in doubt. It could actually take years to resolve, maybe involving a constitutional amendment. In the mean time the country could go down the tubes. It all sucks.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Has anyone noticed that Trump has spent almost every week-end of his presidency at a "Trump" property which just happened to have a golf course handy? It is believed that he has actually played something like 15 rounds of golf since his inauguration. That comes to something around 8 to 10 hours on the links every week.

Remember, during his campaign he criticized his predecessor for playing way too much golf, and protested that he would be far too busy to even leave the White House working his ass off for all of us, let alone go out and fritter hours away slicing and dicing a golf ball.

Well, seems he still sports a rather prodigious ass.

I believe the Trumpster is having buyer's remorse. I believe he finds himself trapped in a job for which he is totally unfit, which requires him to suffer fools (as he would have it,) and in which he does not always get his way. He is not used to being questioned, or having people tell him no. 

So, he escapes every chance he gets to Mara-Lago or other places he owns that only incidentally have golf courses. He has spokesman Sean Spicer and others in his sphere, and even FOXNews lie for him, denying that he plays golf when he takes off every week-end, or rather claiming that his golf outings are a way different affair in that he plays with "important" people, whereas apparently we are to believe Obama just scrounged around the links with his liberal terrorist bomb throwing pals.

Hypocrite much?

Monday, March 27, 2017

If Republicans gave a rat's ass about their constituents, they would stop their "repeal Obamacare" bullshit, and work to make changes in the ACA that will make it better. Even Obama was aware and stated from the get go that the bill as passed was not perfect, that there would likely be a need to change things as time went on. This was the first such bill EVER passed by congress and signed into law. 

Reps complain now that no Democrats supported their bill, but they conveniently forget that they were just as opposed to the ACA and none of them voted for it either. Had there been a greater level of cooperation by Republicans during the process of setting up the ACA, it might have been better.

The problem is that the two factions are so ideologically divided that apparently little or no cooperation is possible.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Republican Health Care Bill - Bleah!

Paul Ryan adamantly claims that the Republican health care bill is historic. No it isn't, not in any substantive way. The ACA WAS historic. It was the first comprehensive health care bill to ever pass out of congress and be signed into law.

What the Reps have done so far is put millions of people who currently have health insurance at risk, making it more difficult and far more expensive - especially for the elderly - to obtain and maintain health insurance, and providing more tax cuts for the rich. It there is anything historic in this, it's simply a reiteration of how self serving, miserly and out of touch house reps are.

Monday, February 6, 2017


Donald Trump is a liar. Everyday he has done something that in effect sells out the people who voted for him. His so called "swamp draining" has resulted in the nomination of no less than six former or current Goldman Sachs executives, and most of his nominees are billionaires. Several of them are totally unqualified to run the agencies they will be expected to administer. Some have vowed to abolish the very agency they will be running. His nominee to head up the EPA has sued the agency at least a dozen times, and some of the suits are still unresolved. In effect, he will be suing himself. 

Now Trump accuses the judge, and the judiciary in general, of putting the country in danger with the ruling to stay his immigration ban. 


First: Trump would have us believe that immigrants, including refugees, are flooding into the country unchecked. That is total bullshit. Refugees in particular are vetted thoroughly often taking anywhere from 18 months to over 2 years to get approved. Even with that, only about 15% to 20% of those applying actually gain entry.

Second: Trump claims that this stay is giving bad "hombres" an opportunity to take advantage of it and slip in unnoticed. That is stupid bullshit! Anyone who was apt to be stopped under Trump's order would be stopped and interrogated in any case. Anyone who would not have been stopped before Trump's order would not likely be stopped under it.

Trump can require all the "extreme vetting" he wants, and it almost certainly will have no greater effect against terrorists bent on killing Americans on our soil than the system that currently exists. 

Trump is a con man. Everything he involves himself with is a con. He is conning all of us. He is the ultimate narcissist, and frankly, I believe him to be a megalomaniac. 

He envies Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un because they wield great and unquestioned power. Consider how Trump responds any time he is criticized or denied anything. He goes ballistic; becomes unhinged, and goes on one of his Tweeting binges.

Pretty much his entire adult life he has been the unquestioned boss. Anything and everything he wanted, he got. But now, he has more than half the population hating his guts. Pretty much all congressional democrats despise him, and most republicans, who have aligned with him, have done so for solely political reasons, not because they like him. Even his staff has started leaking shit out of the White House, because there is so little organization, and it's quite likely that their boss has proven to be the total asshole to them as he has pretty much been to everyone else. 

He defames the press with the intent to silence it. Hitler did the same. I'm not overstating that. Note that the press is the only business mentioned in our Constitution. The founders understood the vital role the press plays in holding our government accountable. It serves as a check on all of the branches of our government. Again, Trump wants to silence it. Why? 

He wants to be our first dictator. He hotly desires the same unquestioned power enjoyed by Putin and Kim Jong Un.The things he has said and done that point in that direction are legion. 

Sadly, Trumpsters are still in their adoring mode. They believe him to be sent to them by god; that he is destined to be our savior; that he will deliver our country from evil. They believe he can say and do no wrong, even though much of what he says and does is either a complete lie or insane... or both.

Going on two years now, pretty much everyone has underestimated and/or misunderstood Trump. Some of his success has been luck, but much of it has been calculated. As repugnant as he is, he is not stupid. He knows how to manipulate people. He manipulated the press. He was the shiny object. The media fawned over him, on the one hand considering him to be rather a joke, but on the other, Hey! he drew the big numbers. His republican opposition never had a clue. He played them all like a fiddle. In his campaign he appealed to the lowest common denominator sucking voters in in droves. 

So, as long as we stay in our disbelief mode, as long as we still expect him to "pivot" into some semblance of a normal president, we will eventually rue the day. It ain't gonna happen folks.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Trump and congressional republicans are falling all over themselves to enact as much carnage as possible as quickly as possible. Possibly, in the recesses of their limited little minds they fear that retribution may be coming fast and furiously from somewhere. 

Anyone who believes that what is happening is in any way in our interest is kidding themselves. Virtually all of it is targeted against their opposition for the betterment of the rich who pull their strings.

Sunday, January 22, 2017


Trumpsters claim that those of us voicing our negative response to the election are just whiners.

We are NOT whiners. Yes, we are dismayed, but more importantly, we are angry at how what is supposed to be such a great country could have elected such a low life, repugnant, thin skinned, asshole to what is arguably the most visible and most powerful political office in the world.
I've been around long enough to have seen all manner of politicians - good and bad. As much as I disliked Nixon, Reagan and George W, they are all head and shoulders above Trump as regards honesty, dignity and competence.

We are now doomed to at least 4 years of Trump's vengeance and self-aggrandizement. He is a man having no ideology beyond the promotion of Donald Trump. He is without any sense of honor, having no appreciation for the worth of others beyond how well they serve him.

I've written a few similar posts over the past few weeks, and they will continue unless and until Trump proves me wrong.

Saturday, January 21, 2017


Just as most of us - like it or not - assumed that Hillary would carry the day back in November, we must, as you say, do battle with "cunning, intelligence [and] study." Republicans and the Trumpsters are nothing if not cunning which they apply with intelligence and study. They must NOT be underestimated.

Republicans have been working us for several years going back at least to W's first campaign, and which was sharply accelerated after Obama's first election. They smartly worked at state and local levels, taking advantage of redistricting by gerrymandering congressional districts in their favor.

Now, they have achieved their ultimate goal have wrested control of the WH and both houses of congress along with a large % of state houses and state legislatures. They now have carte blanche to put forward their agendas at all levels.

Democrats fucked up royally. A lot of it had to do with complacency, or perhaps more accurately, laziness. With Obama in the WH and a democratic congress, we all came to believe that we were off on a progressive joy ride. Little did we realize just how effectively the Reps were eroding Obama's support which resulted in the disaster of the 2010 midterm elections which saw a Rep takeover of the House and winning many races at the state and local level which effectively shoved a knife into the heart of progressives. The rest is history as we are all too sadly aware.


I find it disingenuous and wrong that the lambasting of Hillary Clinton continues. People claim that she was a weak candidate. 


Does a weak candidate manage to have 65+ million people vote for her - nearly 3 million more than her opponent and the most votes cast for any individual - EVER? Does a weak candidate manage that while having to deal with FBI and Russian meddling in the campaign?

People claim out of hand that Bernie Sanders would have beaten Trump. Maybe, maybe not. It would have been a very different campaign. Trump would have used Bernie's socialism against him, and who knows what skeletons may have emerged from Sander's closets? Damn few people manage to be successful in politics for several years without some dirt gathering at their feet. It is, in any case, a moot point.

I believe that Clinton's campaign made some mistakes. They wasted time campaigning in red states like Arizona when they should have bolstered their standing in Wisconsin and Michigan. Hillary should never have made her "deplorables" comment nor should never have talked about putting coal miners out of work.

Of course, balanced against the literally dozens of outlandish and offensive things Trump said during the campaign and continues to do even now as president, Hillary was comparatively very disciplined in her speeches and commentary.

Hillary Clinton should be our president today.

Thursday, January 12, 2017


It is likely at least in part the fault of dyed in the wool Berners who refused to support Hillary that landed Trump in the White House. Deny all you want, but any of you who didn't vote, or who actually voted for Trump simply to spite Hillary, are part of the reason for her defeat, especially given how few votes in a few key states actually turned the tide.

What makes it sadder, if not tragic, is how you all bought into the repeated scurrilous lies about how Democrats and the Clinton campaign stole primary elections from Sanders. Virtually all of those charges were untrue. Rather, they were spread by her haters and, as we have now learned, perhaps even by Russia either directly or indirectly.

Claiming that Bernie would have won is certainly not a sure thing, and Hillary's loss became in some respects a self-realized prophecy by the lack of support from many of the people making such claims. A Sanders v Trump race would have been a far different campaign, and Trump would have employed anything and everything he could lay his tiny little hands on to discredit Bernie.

Now, we must all face at least the next four years listening to Trump's never ending self-aggrandizing, and live with a right wing congress that can't stop ejaculating all over themselves in their hot lust to destroy as much of Obama's legacy as possible.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


The news about Trump's financial dealings and escapades in Russia is kinda all over the place. I've heard nothing specific about the $$$. However, the stories about his sexual encounters are all varied, except they all apparently involve prostitutes peeing.

I've heard he had them piss on a bed that the Obama's had slept in. I heard that it was a bed only Michelle had slept in. I heard that he had them pee on HIS bed, and lastly, I heard that he had them piss on him. Well gosh. What a delicious menu. I'll have one from column A and two from column B.
Is any of it true? Of course he, and apparently Putin, say not. I guess these accusations have been floating around newsies for a few months, but no one has been able to verify any of it. 

It has also been said that FBI Director James Comey knew of this prior to the election. If so, he decided to keep this quiet, but chose to send the letter to Congress regarding Clinton's emails. Hmmm.

While on the one hand it seems to some that the PeeGate accusations are so outrageous as to be ridiculous. However, anyone who has spent even a few minutes perusing internet porn should realize that such activity is not all that rare. Trump would likely be able to have any damn thing he wanted given his $$$ and influence. Also, given that he openly lusted for his daughter, this pee thingy doesn't seem particularly out of character for him.

I'm betting that this will go down an yet another scurrilous thing attributed to Trump that will never be proven. He has a way of dodging bullets from all angles.

Saturday, January 7, 2017


Now, all you folks who were all pumped up about Trump's wall and how Mexico is going to pay for it, are now asked to accept the notion that, well, we will pay for it initially, but then Mexico will pay us back. I'm sure they will. I mean why not. It's just like a 25 billion dollar boondoggle that will do absolutely nothing for them, but what the hell, right?

Let's say that we go ahead and build the wall at taxpayer expense. Well now that's something like $71 a head (25 billion divided by 350 million American citizens.) Not so bad, I guess. Two to three hundred per household, maybe a bit more for all you fertile folks out there.

But what I want to know is just how are we all to get our $71 back when Mexico begins paying for the wall? Will we be getting quarterly checks? Will we be getting any interest on the money spent? Or will we just be getting a tax credit? Maybe we could put it all in a fund to help pay for the daily million bucks we will be paying for Trump's security at Trump Tower and Mar-a-lago.
Inquiring minds want to know.


Water has no mind. The wind no memories. The trees no opinions.

Yet, their movements, their changes are constant and predictable. Even the trajectory we humans take through life can be anticipated to some degree.

In nature all is economy. Yet, our self-consciousness produces motives which move us away from nature and its predictability. In that, we create much beauty, but also much ugliness and pain. So much or our time and effort here in this life is wasted on mistrust, hate and destruction, all too often based on little if any, real knowledge, but rather on barely considered opinion.

We often claim to have at hand a lot of facts, but we all too often come up far short of wisdom.

Thursday, January 5, 2017


I'll make this short but not so sweet. 

Wake up folks. Republicans have begun the process of obliterating the Obama presidency, and completely blocking Democrats from having any voice in government. 

Earlier today, Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced their intention to investigate Russian hacking - TO DETERMINE OBAMA'S ROLE IN IT!!! 

They began working on their intent to repeal the ACA which may well remove millions of people from the health insurance rolls, and could cost taxpayers hundreds of billions of dollars.

Also, Trump and several Republicans have now decided that Julian Assange is a hero. As recently as a few weeks ago, they still vilified him as an enemy. Now that he has come forward claiming that the Russians had no role in the DNC and Podesta email leaks, Reps see him has a truth teller. They are also warming up to Vladimir Putin and the Russians, because they now see Putin as a great leader who's leadership aligns with their own fascist leanings.

While the effort of Republicans to kill the House Ethics Office were blocked, it is obvious that they want to remove any outside scrutiny of their actions. It is only a matter of time until they give it another try.

All of this hit the air waves today. We are still a couple weeks away from Trump taking the oath. The coming weeks and months are bound to hold any # of reversals and surprises - most of them really bad.


Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Trump's supporters want a totalitarian leader who will silence the left and progressives. One who will suppress the LBGT community, ban abortion and move the country toward a Christian Theocracy.

(Now, I don't believe Trump gives a rat's ass about Christianity. He will cater to those people so long as he perceives it to be to his advantage, to further his own power and aggrandizement. When and if that becomes problematic for him, he will cut them loose in a heartbeat.)

Our traditional problem with Russia and, more specifically, the Soviet Union was communism. They'd rather be dead than Red. But communism is gone in Russia.

Now Putin, in his efforts to "make Russia great again," is well on his way toward becoming the Russian dictator - a single absolute ruler. He has been touted as the single richest man in the world having assets of something like 125 billion dollars - well above the estimated 85 billion bucks supposedly controlled by Bill Gates of Microsoft. Trump's supporters see him and Putin as bookends, two sides of the same coin.

Trump is obviously enamored of all that. Putin is his hero. Note that he won't say a word against him. The Donald dreams of achieving similar heights.

Now, by comparison Trump is a mere pretender, a wanna be, a piker, having an estimated net worth of somewhere around 4 billion dollars, and he is around 6 years older than Putin. Time's awastin!

What better way to make up ground quickly than to become the leader of the largest economy and the largest military in the world? Trump's personal vision, his delusions of grandeur place him at the absolute top of the heap. Putin is at this juncture just another pawn as Trump sees him. An admirable one, but still no more than an ally to make use of until he no longer suits that purpose.

Now do I have any substantive proof of any of this. Of course not. Now that doesn't seem to bother many people operating here in cyberspace, on talk radio and even on political TV and other media.

So, I make a disclaimer here that most of this is purely opinion and speculation. I believe that much of what I've written here could well come to pass. Trump fits this mold - in my opinion.

Buckle up.

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