Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Has anyone noticed that Trump has spent almost every week-end of his presidency at a "Trump" property which just happened to have a golf course handy? It is believed that he has actually played something like 15 rounds of golf since his inauguration. That comes to something around 8 to 10 hours on the links every week.

Remember, during his campaign he criticized his predecessor for playing way too much golf, and protested that he would be far too busy to even leave the White House working his ass off for all of us, let alone go out and fritter hours away slicing and dicing a golf ball.

Well, seems he still sports a rather prodigious ass.

I believe the Trumpster is having buyer's remorse. I believe he finds himself trapped in a job for which he is totally unfit, which requires him to suffer fools (as he would have it,) and in which he does not always get his way. He is not used to being questioned, or having people tell him no. 

So, he escapes every chance he gets to Mara-Lago or other places he owns that only incidentally have golf courses. He has spokesman Sean Spicer and others in his sphere, and even FOXNews lie for him, denying that he plays golf when he takes off every week-end, or rather claiming that his golf outings are a way different affair in that he plays with "important" people, whereas apparently we are to believe Obama just scrounged around the links with his liberal terrorist bomb throwing pals.

Hypocrite much?

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