Saturday, April 17, 2010

Republicans - Tea Parties - Poor Losers - Violence

The last time I looked, the current administration was elected by a strong majority of the voting public. The main thing one can take from the response since is that Republicans are perhaps the poorest losers in American history, or at least since the end of the "war of northern aggression."

Instead of graciously admitting defeat, licking their wounds and regrouping for the future, they opted to become totally obnoxious obstructionists whose only goals were to discredit Obama and bully their way back to power. If that "bullying" sparks some violence, so be it.

Republicans and the likes of Palin and other tea party leaders purposely use the language of violence in their speeches and comments claiming they are merely metaphors, but knowing full well that there are in fact those on the fringe who would love nothing more than to respond in the literal sense.

Should that happen, should there be another "Oklahoma City," or should some of the threats against Democrats or other liberal voices come to fruition, the Reps and tea partiers who used incendiary language can just shrug their shoulders, disavowing any responsibility - even so far as publicly condemning such actions - while privately smiling in satisfaction to themselves and each other.

The same thing happened after the last abortion doctor killing. The killer got tacit approval from much of the supposed "moral" right. Hell, FOX's Bill O'Reilly came out after the fact and openly said that the doctor had it coming.

I don't care how one characterizes the tea party movement. In large part, most of the people involved are just along for the ride. It's fun. It gets the blood flowing. Unfortunately, the blood may ultimately be flowing in the streets, not just in their veins.


Saturday, April 3, 2010