Thursday, March 30, 2017

Many of us wish we could simply remove Trump & Pence and install Clinton (or Sanders) as president, but I believe if the presidency was simply handed over to Clinton, we would likely have a violent revolution on our hands. In any event, the constitution would not allow for that.

If both Trump AND Pence were found to have knowingly colluded with the Russians, and both resigned or were impeached and found guilty, the best result would be, IMO, another election. During any interim period presumably Ryan would become president unless he too were found to have been involved with Russia. That would leave us with a President Tillerson. Oh goody!

Again, I don't know if the constitution would allow for another election. Congress would, I suppose, have to enact new legislation approved by both houses, signed by whoever sits in the Oval Office and probably it would have to survive Supreme Court challenges.

All that could take a great deal of time, and considering that the majority of the players in this scenario would still be Republicans, its success would be very much in doubt. It could actually take years to resolve, maybe involving a constitutional amendment. In the mean time the country could go down the tubes. It all sucks.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Has anyone noticed that Trump has spent almost every week-end of his presidency at a "Trump" property which just happened to have a golf course handy? It is believed that he has actually played something like 15 rounds of golf since his inauguration. That comes to something around 8 to 10 hours on the links every week.

Remember, during his campaign he criticized his predecessor for playing way too much golf, and protested that he would be far too busy to even leave the White House working his ass off for all of us, let alone go out and fritter hours away slicing and dicing a golf ball.

Well, seems he still sports a rather prodigious ass.

I believe the Trumpster is having buyer's remorse. I believe he finds himself trapped in a job for which he is totally unfit, which requires him to suffer fools (as he would have it,) and in which he does not always get his way. He is not used to being questioned, or having people tell him no. 

So, he escapes every chance he gets to Mara-Lago or other places he owns that only incidentally have golf courses. He has spokesman Sean Spicer and others in his sphere, and even FOXNews lie for him, denying that he plays golf when he takes off every week-end, or rather claiming that his golf outings are a way different affair in that he plays with "important" people, whereas apparently we are to believe Obama just scrounged around the links with his liberal terrorist bomb throwing pals.

Hypocrite much?

Monday, March 27, 2017

If Republicans gave a rat's ass about their constituents, they would stop their "repeal Obamacare" bullshit, and work to make changes in the ACA that will make it better. Even Obama was aware and stated from the get go that the bill as passed was not perfect, that there would likely be a need to change things as time went on. This was the first such bill EVER passed by congress and signed into law. 

Reps complain now that no Democrats supported their bill, but they conveniently forget that they were just as opposed to the ACA and none of them voted for it either. Had there been a greater level of cooperation by Republicans during the process of setting up the ACA, it might have been better.

The problem is that the two factions are so ideologically divided that apparently little or no cooperation is possible.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Republican Health Care Bill - Bleah!

Paul Ryan adamantly claims that the Republican health care bill is historic. No it isn't, not in any substantive way. The ACA WAS historic. It was the first comprehensive health care bill to ever pass out of congress and be signed into law.

What the Reps have done so far is put millions of people who currently have health insurance at risk, making it more difficult and far more expensive - especially for the elderly - to obtain and maintain health insurance, and providing more tax cuts for the rich. It there is anything historic in this, it's simply a reiteration of how self serving, miserly and out of touch house reps are.