Thursday, March 30, 2017

Many of us wish we could simply remove Trump & Pence and install Clinton (or Sanders) as president, but I believe if the presidency was simply handed over to Clinton, we would likely have a violent revolution on our hands. In any event, the constitution would not allow for that.

If both Trump AND Pence were found to have knowingly colluded with the Russians, and both resigned or were impeached and found guilty, the best result would be, IMO, another election. During any interim period presumably Ryan would become president unless he too were found to have been involved with Russia. That would leave us with a President Tillerson. Oh goody!

Again, I don't know if the constitution would allow for another election. Congress would, I suppose, have to enact new legislation approved by both houses, signed by whoever sits in the Oval Office and probably it would have to survive Supreme Court challenges.

All that could take a great deal of time, and considering that the majority of the players in this scenario would still be Republicans, its success would be very much in doubt. It could actually take years to resolve, maybe involving a constitutional amendment. In the mean time the country could go down the tubes. It all sucks.

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