Monday, April 17, 2017

Trumpsters are loving his having ordered the launching of 59 Tomahawk missiles into Syria and allowing his military to deploy that monster bomb in Afghanistan. They apparently equate it with Trump having a big cock (which we pretty much know is not the case.) They also seem to have gotten all hot and heavy in love with his threats against North Korea. "Oh man! He's so presidential! Not like that wussy darkie before him."

People. Think about this. In less than 3 months Donnie... has taken us to the brink of war with a country which has nukes and is run by someone who actually may be crazier and less predictable than Trump. All this to pump up his poll #s? Wagging the dog to distract us from Russia?

His threats literally put millions of people at serious risk in South Korea and Japan including many thousands of Americans - military and civilians - in both countries. And, to believe that such a conflict would not touch us here at home, is at best naive. Americans in this country will die. Perhaps thousands or more.

Does this give you Trumpees a boner? Is this the swamp draining you were hoping for? Happy days.

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