Sunday, April 30, 2017

Trump granted an exclusive interview to what I believe were 3 Reuters reporters a few days ago. As they were sitting in the Oval Office discussing - whatever - tax issues, immigration, climate change - whatever - out of nowhere and totally off topic, Trump produced printed US maps showing where he had won his electoral votes, laying the on the desk in front of each reporter. Total non sequitur. 

Taken aback, the reporters paused, and in some way acknowledged the maps, and then proceeded to continue the conversation as it had been.

Trump is a child. An egomaniacal, narcissistic child. He continues to have these rallies as he did just a couple days ago in Philly. For what purpose? Can you think of any other president who continued to have such rallies just after being elected and sworn in to office? 

Obama and most other presidents would, from time to time go out on a rallying tour of sorts to promote some particular piece of legislation, or to support someone running for political office. But these rallies Trump has and continues to have are for no other reason than to allow him to wallow in the unabashed "love" of his rabid base. They are as useless as his numerous week-ends spent at Mara Lago playing golf.

 And we're paying for all of it!

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