Sunday, April 23, 2017

If Trump and Pence blunder us into a war with North Korea - or anyone, for that matter - through their ignorance and careless belligerent posturing, I think both should be jailed and the death penalty should be heavily considered.

The threats they and others in the administration are making against North Korea are dangerous and totally unneccessary. Kim Jong Un may actually be more volatile and unpredictable than Trump. He and his father and grandfather before him have spent virtually every available won (NK's currency,) on its military. Millions of North Koreans are apparently starving, but no matter so long as the military gets bigger and better. 

We know Un has nuclear weapons as his disposal, and, at least publicly he appears more than eager to use them. Even without the nukes, he has a huge # of long range artillery pieces aimed directly at Seoul which is only like 30 miles south of the DMZ. 

I also heard on the tube that he has something like 70 submarines. Now what quality and effectiveness they are is anyone's guess, but it still seems a real possibility that at least a few of them could wreak havoc somewhere in the world. 

The point being that any statements or movements by the US and/or our allies could be interpreted by Un as provocation. Keep in mind, it's not a matter of who could or would ultimately win such a conflict. North Korea could be rendered nothing more than radioactive ash in a matter of hours. Again, even without using nukes, Un's million man army could probably be defeated quickly.

The issue is how many people including South Koreans, Japanese and others in the region would be killed? How much damage could North Korea lay on its neighbors? And, remember, we have several military bases and thousands of our military members in the area that would almost certainly be targeted. And it's unclear as to whether North Korea has any assets here in or near the US. It's also unclear how China and/or Russia would respond. Would they back us or North Korea? 

Given any thoughtful analysis, would military action against North Korea be worth those kind of losses?

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