Sunday, January 22, 2017


Trumpsters claim that those of us voicing our negative response to the election are just whiners.

We are NOT whiners. Yes, we are dismayed, but more importantly, we are angry at how what is supposed to be such a great country could have elected such a low life, repugnant, thin skinned, asshole to what is arguably the most visible and most powerful political office in the world.
I've been around long enough to have seen all manner of politicians - good and bad. As much as I disliked Nixon, Reagan and George W, they are all head and shoulders above Trump as regards honesty, dignity and competence.

We are now doomed to at least 4 years of Trump's vengeance and self-aggrandizement. He is a man having no ideology beyond the promotion of Donald Trump. He is without any sense of honor, having no appreciation for the worth of others beyond how well they serve him.

I've written a few similar posts over the past few weeks, and they will continue unless and until Trump proves me wrong.

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