Wednesday, January 11, 2017


The news about Trump's financial dealings and escapades in Russia is kinda all over the place. I've heard nothing specific about the $$$. However, the stories about his sexual encounters are all varied, except they all apparently involve prostitutes peeing.

I've heard he had them piss on a bed that the Obama's had slept in. I heard that it was a bed only Michelle had slept in. I heard that he had them pee on HIS bed, and lastly, I heard that he had them piss on him. Well gosh. What a delicious menu. I'll have one from column A and two from column B.
Is any of it true? Of course he, and apparently Putin, say not. I guess these accusations have been floating around newsies for a few months, but no one has been able to verify any of it. 

It has also been said that FBI Director James Comey knew of this prior to the election. If so, he decided to keep this quiet, but chose to send the letter to Congress regarding Clinton's emails. Hmmm.

While on the one hand it seems to some that the PeeGate accusations are so outrageous as to be ridiculous. However, anyone who has spent even a few minutes perusing internet porn should realize that such activity is not all that rare. Trump would likely be able to have any damn thing he wanted given his $$$ and influence. Also, given that he openly lusted for his daughter, this pee thingy doesn't seem particularly out of character for him.

I'm betting that this will go down an yet another scurrilous thing attributed to Trump that will never be proven. He has a way of dodging bullets from all angles.

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Terry S said...

I know that the entire story has been debunked, that none of it is likely true. Most of those in the media have been quick to castigate Buzzfeed and other outlets that in their frenzy published it, and rightly so. Some are upset at how salacious it is.

However, I think it proper to point out how they also published and ran with the story that Hillary and Podesta were or are running a child prostitution ring out of a Pizza joint and bookstore in DC. Many of those already disposed to hating her believed it without question.

While it shouldn't be condoned by any news organization, the Russian prostitution/pee story serves as a bit of tit for tat.