Tuesday, January 3, 2017


Trump's supporters want a totalitarian leader who will silence the left and progressives. One who will suppress the LBGT community, ban abortion and move the country toward a Christian Theocracy.

(Now, I don't believe Trump gives a rat's ass about Christianity. He will cater to those people so long as he perceives it to be to his advantage, to further his own power and aggrandizement. When and if that becomes problematic for him, he will cut them loose in a heartbeat.)

Our traditional problem with Russia and, more specifically, the Soviet Union was communism. They'd rather be dead than Red. But communism is gone in Russia.

Now Putin, in his efforts to "make Russia great again," is well on his way toward becoming the Russian dictator - a single absolute ruler. He has been touted as the single richest man in the world having assets of something like 125 billion dollars - well above the estimated 85 billion bucks supposedly controlled by Bill Gates of Microsoft. Trump's supporters see him and Putin as bookends, two sides of the same coin.

Trump is obviously enamored of all that. Putin is his hero. Note that he won't say a word against him. The Donald dreams of achieving similar heights.

Now, by comparison Trump is a mere pretender, a wanna be, a piker, having an estimated net worth of somewhere around 4 billion dollars, and he is around 6 years older than Putin. Time's awastin!

What better way to make up ground quickly than to become the leader of the largest economy and the largest military in the world? Trump's personal vision, his delusions of grandeur place him at the absolute top of the heap. Putin is at this juncture just another pawn as Trump sees him. An admirable one, but still no more than an ally to make use of until he no longer suits that purpose.

Now do I have any substantive proof of any of this. Of course not. Now that doesn't seem to bother many people operating here in cyberspace, on talk radio and even on political TV and other media.

So, I make a disclaimer here that most of this is purely opinion and speculation. I believe that much of what I've written here could well come to pass. Trump fits this mold - in my opinion.

Buckle up.

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