Saturday, January 21, 2017


I find it disingenuous and wrong that the lambasting of Hillary Clinton continues. People claim that she was a weak candidate. 


Does a weak candidate manage to have 65+ million people vote for her - nearly 3 million more than her opponent and the most votes cast for any individual - EVER? Does a weak candidate manage that while having to deal with FBI and Russian meddling in the campaign?

People claim out of hand that Bernie Sanders would have beaten Trump. Maybe, maybe not. It would have been a very different campaign. Trump would have used Bernie's socialism against him, and who knows what skeletons may have emerged from Sander's closets? Damn few people manage to be successful in politics for several years without some dirt gathering at their feet. It is, in any case, a moot point.

I believe that Clinton's campaign made some mistakes. They wasted time campaigning in red states like Arizona when they should have bolstered their standing in Wisconsin and Michigan. Hillary should never have made her "deplorables" comment nor should never have talked about putting coal miners out of work.

Of course, balanced against the literally dozens of outlandish and offensive things Trump said during the campaign and continues to do even now as president, Hillary was comparatively very disciplined in her speeches and commentary.

Hillary Clinton should be our president today.

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