Saturday, January 7, 2017


Now, all you folks who were all pumped up about Trump's wall and how Mexico is going to pay for it, are now asked to accept the notion that, well, we will pay for it initially, but then Mexico will pay us back. I'm sure they will. I mean why not. It's just like a 25 billion dollar boondoggle that will do absolutely nothing for them, but what the hell, right?

Let's say that we go ahead and build the wall at taxpayer expense. Well now that's something like $71 a head (25 billion divided by 350 million American citizens.) Not so bad, I guess. Two to three hundred per household, maybe a bit more for all you fertile folks out there.

But what I want to know is just how are we all to get our $71 back when Mexico begins paying for the wall? Will we be getting quarterly checks? Will we be getting any interest on the money spent? Or will we just be getting a tax credit? Maybe we could put it all in a fund to help pay for the daily million bucks we will be paying for Trump's security at Trump Tower and Mar-a-lago.
Inquiring minds want to know.

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