Thursday, January 12, 2017


It is likely at least in part the fault of dyed in the wool Berners who refused to support Hillary that landed Trump in the White House. Deny all you want, but any of you who didn't vote, or who actually voted for Trump simply to spite Hillary, are part of the reason for her defeat, especially given how few votes in a few key states actually turned the tide.

What makes it sadder, if not tragic, is how you all bought into the repeated scurrilous lies about how Democrats and the Clinton campaign stole primary elections from Sanders. Virtually all of those charges were untrue. Rather, they were spread by her haters and, as we have now learned, perhaps even by Russia either directly or indirectly.

Claiming that Bernie would have won is certainly not a sure thing, and Hillary's loss became in some respects a self-realized prophecy by the lack of support from many of the people making such claims. A Sanders v Trump race would have been a far different campaign, and Trump would have employed anything and everything he could lay his tiny little hands on to discredit Bernie.

Now, we must all face at least the next four years listening to Trump's never ending self-aggrandizing, and live with a right wing congress that can't stop ejaculating all over themselves in their hot lust to destroy as much of Obama's legacy as possible.

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