Tuesday, May 10, 2016


May 10, 2016

Not a whole lot is happening. I've gotten busy with work which is a good thing. Jo is still having trouble with her foot. She will try to get into the doctor sometime tomorrow. Her toes are turning blue.

The infant child of Jo's niece and her husband had to have open heart surgery, to repair a faulty valve earlier Monday. He's about the cutest little bugger you've ever seen, but has been plagued with health issues almost from birth. So, he beat me at having his chest cracked open before his first birthday. I guess I'm next.

I have thought about what a shit I was for a number of years. I won't go into any detail now, but suffice to say it is the heaviest burden I carry around my neck everyday. Can't help but wish I could go back and mend all those wounds, big and small, I inflicted on Jo and my kids. I'm not looking for absolution, we all have to bear our various crosses until we breathe our last. Writing of those days may bring me some sense of relief or understanding. We'll see.


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