Tuesday, May 3, 2016

CRACK, cont'd

May 2, 2016

Not much happening. I've gone back to work. We shut down a couple weeks ago, because we weren't sure about how soon I'd be cracked open. Since it's not going to happen for more than two weeks from now, we decided to accept more work until a few days before the dreaded date. I did an appraisal inspection earlier today. Woohoo!

I guess I haven't gotten into much of a reflective mood as yet. Most of the noise coming from Indiana's direction involves tomorrow's primary election, and Jo and I have found it both entertaining and interesting. I've made my druthers known on FB, so I won't mention her here.

A bit of history:

I go to the VA for my medical care. I see my primary doctor about every six months for routine check ups. Among the laundry list of things I ran by her a few weeks ago, my greatest concern was my back. I have a few herniated lumbar discs, which came about around a year and a half ago. I was hoping that I could investigate the possibility of having minimally invasive surgery to repair those damn discs. In that regard, Dr. Shah set up an appointment for an MRI for my back, which I had just a few days later. 

However, the last thing I mentioned was a burning sensation I'd been having at the center of my chest when setting out to do any even nominally strenuous work. Suddenly, that took over the conversation. She set me up for a stress test which I had a week or so later. That resulted in some anomalies popping up, so it was determined that I should have a heart cath. Oh boy!

That resulted in the realization that I have three blocked arteries, at least one of them at over 90%. One of the blocked arteries is the so called "widow maker." Now that sucks.


Chest cracking here I come.

I've been pretty fortunate for most of my nearly 70 years roaming around my part of the planet. I've had the usual list of ailments - childhood measles & mumps. Occasional bouts of flu and a fair number of colds. I broke my arm twice when I was a kid. Several years ago while working as a manager at Long John Silvers (great job - NOT,) I managed to step into one of the fry vats (don't ask) severely burning my left ankle and part of my foot. That was a treat. But otherwise, overall not too much to complain about.

I guess I'm now getting my comeuppance. 


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