Saturday, August 23, 2008

When Your Kid Does Good, Ya Gotta Give It Up For Em!

Gotta do a little hootin' for my kid. Give this a view:

The video is a short snippet likely taken with someone's cell phone or digital camera of a staged production of Pink Floyd's "The Wall" performed in Hengelo, Holland on Friday, August 22. It was an elaborate, fairly high tech, multi-media production using a mix of live shots of the performers and drawings being done by an artist projected on various screens around the stage. It featured a rock band, a small orchestra and a children's choir. My son was 'Pink." There are two other Youtube videos of the actual performance. They are interesting, but show even smaller bits of my son's performance. There are a couple of "rehearsal" videos and other miscellaneous videos of the band setting up, etc. These can be found by typing in something like Pink Floyd's The Wall Hengelo and the like. I know hundreds, nay, thousands of my loyal readers will trip all over themselves just for the opportunity to watch all that.

They had an audience of around 7000. They were expecting something around 10000, but it rained pretty much the entire evening which likely discouraged lots of people from attending. Apparently my son had taken a fall just prior to the clip when he hit a wet spot on the stage.

My son, the rock star!



W. Meijerink said...

Hello Terry,

It was perfect what your son has show us in my city.
Of course first we have some questions, because Pink Floyds The Wall is not something you do on a friday evening.
But from the first sound we love him. (don't tell him that he was slipaway on the stage and fall down;))
It was of he was Pink and not play him, real great and you can be proud of your son!!!
Here a other link where I have put all the links and Photo's I have found.

When the CD is coming I will send you a copy.

Terry S said...


Thank you so much for your reply. Nicholas has mostly performed in operas and operettas. Doing rock music is new to him.

We are, indeed, proud of him. I am happy that you enjoyed his performance.

Thanks also for the links.


W. Meijerink said...

Hello Terry,

I think Nicholas will get a great career and some people around me are very surprised of the performance of Nicholas and I get mail from all over the world.
Elke Roumaat (mother of pink) can maybe tell you more about backstairs and I'm sure she have more photo's from this show.
I will ask her of I can give you her mail address.
If you like I can send you the news papers (2) from this show with perfect referens (i'm not sure of this is a good english word) of the show.
You can send the address to or
And again we have to thank you because Nicholas and the rest of the team have give us (10.000) a great show and even the rain on that moment was perfect like a part of the show.

Alia said...

Great work.