Friday, March 2, 2012

Who Are the Republicans?

Rush Limbaugh, Judge Richard Cebull of Montana, and now Bill O'Reilly are the definitive face of the Republican party. Limbaugh continued his absolutely dispicable and totally inaccurate charges against 30 year old Georgetown Law Student Sandra Fluke for the third day running. Judge Cabull sent a racist joke about President Obama via email to his chums. O'Reilly has doubled down on Limbaugh's attacks on Fluke.

No one on the right - none of the current Republican presidential candidates, no Senate or House Republicans, none of the right wing media - have offered anything resembling an apology. As noted above, O'Reilly and many others have turned to the offensive and are now attacking Fluke.

Democrats must come to understand that this is the nature and character of their opposition. By and large most Republicans, at least those in positions of power and influence, are as Neanderthals. (Perhaps I should make apologies to any actual Neanderthals.) They are certifiable knuckledraggers. They revel in their stupidity, hold education in disdain, continue to hold racist attitudes, and relish their mean spirited, adolescent "humor." (Apologies to adolescents.)

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