Monday, March 12, 2012


President Obama and the joint chiefs - or whoever would be appropriate - should meet and put together a strategy to get us out of Afghanistan as quickly as possible. They can't do it overnite, but it probably could be accomplished over say a 6 month period. They should set it in motion and inform Karsai of our intent. The biggest problem would be security, but they just have to do it. There is nothing for us to win there. Karzai and his government are so thoroughly corrupt that nothing good can come from our continued support.

That the country will devolve into chaos is more or less a given. It is likely that the Taliban will regain control of the country within weeks or months, but that is likely inevitable whether we pull out today or 10 years from now. Afghanistan is a piece of shit part of the world being run by people with a 7th century mindset, but armed with 21st century weapons.

Such a tragedy as happened over the week-end was almost inevitable. We have a generation of young people who have been put to the test in war for much too long a time. It is said the perpetrator of the mass murder was in his 4th deployment to a war zone. We are asking far too much of these kids. And to what end?

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