Sunday, August 28, 2011

Here's the thing: The Right is eventually going to win the battle for power at the Federal level. They may or may not unseat Obama in 2012. Whether they succeed in that or not, it is only a matter of time until they wrest control of all the bells and whistles. History tells us that if the Dems retain control of the WH or either House of Congress in 2012, which remains problematic at best, the pendulum will almost certainly swing back the other way come 2016. The conservatives can afford to be patient if need be. While they may well succeed next year, success will almost certainly come their way 4 years hence.

In that eventuality they will race to enact their entire agenda - both social and fiscal - which will effectively send this country back to somewhere around the knuckle dragging state. They will deregulate about everything except, of course, our private lives, regarding which they might eventually be able to scrutinize, through  the further development of eavesdropping technology, virtually every personal choice we make outlawing about anything and everything one can imagine. They will further their attacks on women and gays, and will do everything possible to scour the nation clean of poor people except for those few necessary to clean up rich shit of which there will doubtless be tons.

They will, as they go along, move this country toward a christian theocracy by trashing everything they disagree with in the Constitution and inserting god into government at all levels. Do progressives, liberals or lefties have the backbone and resolve to effectively resist this? Frankly, I've seen little sign of it. The rift widens. The abyss deepens.


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Terry S said...

Actually, I think if my predictions come to pass more or less as I've described, I imagine that at some point there would be a divide amongst the Righties which will come down between the fiscal cons and the social cons. While many would fit both descriptions, many on the fiscal side would ultimately not take kindly to a theocracy which would perhaps have the effect of limiting their high spending and conspicuous consumption as unbefitting a properly humbled christian (unless of course, you happen to be a big time evangelist, then all bets are off.)

It actually might be interesting to witness such a battle. One might assume that big corporate money would carry the day, but the dogged determination of fundies cannot be dismissed. It could be a true war of wills. Perhaps during such a skirmish we progressive, liberal, left wing, godless commies could quietly slip out the back door unnoticed.