Saturday, July 2, 2011

Jo and my anniversary - 39 and counting

Hope this works.


... Zoe ~ said...

Very touching. Beautiful. Wonderful.

Tears gently flowing.

Happy Anniversary you two. (((Hugs)))

Terry S said...

Thank you, Zoe. I kinda scrambled to get it put together by Friday as I was also very busy with work, which, given how bad things had been during most of the winter and spring, was a good thing. But it made having the time to do this difficult. I spent most of the time when Jo would go to the store or whatever, going through drawers and cabinets and boxes of all kinds to find a lot of those pics. I was up past 3AM Friday morning finishing it.

I don't know if knowing the nuts and bolts of how something like this slide show came together diminishes its impact, but it was both hectic and fun.

The singer, you might have guessed is my son, Nick.

Thanks again, Zoe

... Zoe ~ said...

How are you doing Terry?

It doesn't matter how you put it together. What matters is that you put it together. A wonderful tribute. And yes I guessed it was your son. :-)

Brenda said...

What a great blog. I am hoping you will visit my blog, also on blogspot and pass it on to anyone you think it may apply to. It is about working Baby Boomers.

Terry S said...


Thanks for dropping by. I'm happy to know that someone likes this.

I did go to your place. I will endeaver to check in with you from time to time. I see we are neighbors of sorts.

Hope this finds you well.