Saturday, February 6, 2010

When God Created Boy Poet From Girl Poets Rib

Read this and weep only from laughter.


Jeannie said...

Just wanted to say hello. I saw the pictures of your son, you should be proud, an opera singer, that's wonderful!
Take care B :)I have my sights on a few places to submit my writing, i think it may be time to leave BC. I'm not sure who is sick of who more, me or them. It would be nice to find people who appreciate my voice, instead of battling against windmills all the time.

Terry S said...

It is kinda cool to have a son who is an opera singer. My younger son, the one who runs the "cellpoems" site, is logically enough, a poet and writer in general. Actually, he sings quite well also, but opted for writing.

The main thing I love about them, though, is that they are both really good people.

Regarding BC, as I've said, I've had no particular difficulty in getting articles published, but it's obvious that the editorial staff has a conservative bias. I've been bucking heads with the likes of Nalle, Arch, Obnox, and others for so long that it's really gotten old.

Progressives, liberals, leftists - by whatever name - have but a fairly weak voice at BC. Cindy is great. Dr. Dreadful, Christopher, Glen and a few others speak out occasionally. And now you have come on as a strident voice. But the balance weighs heavily toward the right. I'm not quite sure where Roger is coming from - he seems to wobble back and forth.

For the most part, I think they just tolerate me as a typical left wing looney at whom they can throw barbs. But, I think I throw them back with equal effectiveness.

Of course, if you write say for a liberal site, then you would be preaching to the choir as it were. It is good to be challenged. I think it makes one a better thinker and, consequently, a better writer.

If you do find anyplace else to submit to let me know (as long as we wouldn't be competing with each other for space,) especially if they offer $$$.

I think I mentioned to you "Helium" ( It does offer money for writing, but it's a convoluted deal - I think you have to write on topics of their choice - and I think they pay something like $3.00 for 350 words. Hell, you'd have to write "War and Peace" to make any significant bread.

Stay well & keep on writing.


Jeannie said...

Thanks! B :)

Jeannie said...

nite B. I don't know what I'd do if you didn't pop in there once and a while and say that you agreed with me. :)

Terry S said...

It does seem that I've been doing that a lot lately. Well, what can I say, great minds think alike, right? :)

You seem to be doing fine on your own, though.


Jeannie said...

I was starting to worry about you, so glad your back with this article!
It is going to pass, but then they will all stall some more. Virginia, has already declared that they are not going to honor this legislation, so amendments will follow.give em hell! B.