Friday, February 12, 2010

Republicans: The Party of No? Oh, Yes!

The Republicans are truly "The Party of No." They have invoked the 60 vote majority rule in the Senate more times during this session than any Congress in history. Their hypocrisy is highlighted by the fact that many of the very people invoking it were, just a few years ago, campaigning in earnest to do away with it to thwart Democratic opposition.

They now claim that they are dutifully blocking bad legislation, when the truth is they are "blocking" President Obama. It is their obvious goal to completely block the Obama Administration from accomplishing anything. Additionally, they have blocked more than 60 Obama appointees which further ham-strings the administration forcing many agencies to operate without proper leadership including the Transportion Security Administration or TSA.

This is ALL political. The Republicans see this as being to their advantage come the mid-term elections, and perhaps beyond to 2012. How cynical is that? It has NOTHING to do with what is or is not good for the country. They are lying through their dazzling white teeth and chemically induced tans when they claim anything different.

The most maddening thing is that Obama and many Democrats are still talking about creating a dialogue, about fostering bipartisanship, about working together with Republicans on health care reform and other legislation.

That ship sailed months ago. The Republicans claim that it has been Obama and the Democrats who were/are unwilling to negotiate, but it is plain that the GOP had no intention of working with Obama even before he took the oath.

It has been Republican lies that fostered the advent of the tea-baggers – lies about T.A.R.P., lies about the stimulus, lies about health care reform and so on. Republicans claimed that the stimulus, which they ALL voted against, would produce NO jobs, and yet they fall all over themselves to make it to ribbon cuttings wearing big shit-eating grins back at the home front, taking credit when projects funded by the stimulus start turning over dirt.

The tea-baggers are largely either poorly educated and/or poorly informed, mostly older "moral majority" types who have been led by the nose into believing all the lying crap the Republicans have spewed over the past several months. Many still believe in "death panels" and the impending, untimely end to grandma. Many still harp on Obama's citizenship, and believe he is some kind of evil communist/fascist. Some believe he is the Antichrist. Some are just flat-out racists. All are bent on "taking back" their country when in fact, nothing has been taken from them.

On the whole, they are mindless dupes – just as were the Christian fundamentalists who were cajoled into backing Bush in 2000 and again in 2004. Most of them got nothing for their trouble except dismissal and derision from the Bush administration once the votes were counted.

The Republicans have no interests beyond their own political survival. That survival, as they see it, necessitates that they toe the line set down by the banks and mega corporations who fill their campaign coffers.

Most of the banks and big corporate interests look upon Obama as a wrench in their gears. The Republicans have been instructed to block Obama at every turn. If Obama praised "Mom and Apple Pie" the Reps would oppose it.

Unless and until the Dems grow a backbone, which doesn't seem likely, the Obama Administration will doubtless continue to go down in flames. The only hope I can see is that this all-out stonewalling of Obama could have unintended consequences as more of the voting public recognizes just how craven the Republicans are, and how this is far more hurtful to the interests of the country than anything coming out of the Obama White House.

The best thing that can be said for most congressional Republicans is that compared to many Democrats, they have far better haircuts and wear better suits. Basically, most fabrics tend to drape better over a tight ass



Terry S said...

BTW - The photo depicts just what can happen to an otherwise nice big metal sculpture when a 110 story building collapses on top of it.


Jeannie Danna said...

They are trying to obstruct and stall at BC, also. No?

Why can't i get them to publish this article, that I just wrote? It's about the republican, participation, and replacement of bills within the health care reform bill.
It is so obvious! I think I am going to publish it on my blog when I get home tonight.

:] bye, I have to go see my VA Quacks now, and , fight with them, not to find a reason to put me on meds!

Terry S said...

I can't say. Have you had any communication with Dave or whoever else may be looking at the article, or have you just not heard anything from anyone? I've have a few articles languish more than a couple of days in the past. A couple were rendered moot owing to the time lapse.

If you think you're being singled out unfairly, take it to Eric Olsen. He's usually pretty responsive - or at least he was a couple years ago when I was having some difficulty with how some things were edited.


Jeannie Danna said...

I was totally humiliated by Nils, yesterday. He said he would no longer work with me, and sent a multiple e-mail to both Lisa and Eric. I am not giving up, by no means. My writing is not polished, but I do have a lot to say here!
Until they kick me out, I will continue to write. Now, they try to ignore my latest article. You know what's coming next? Will you please read it? Here it is, my friend.

:]VA health care is great! No matter what Fox news tries to say.

Terry S said...


I don't quite understand what's happening with you at BC. Your writing seems fine to me both grammatically and journalistically. Otherwise, you are presenting facts as you find them and opinions which Nils or Dave may disagree with, but that shouldn't be an issue.

Have Nils or Dave said in so many words what they find wrong or offensive about your writing? Did they require significant changes in your original submissions?

Over the 3 or 4 years I've been writing at BC, I've had little trouble from anyone. I've always found Dave and later Nils- aka Clavos to be fair and unbiased when editing any of my articles - most of which they totally disagreed with as regards content or my opinions.

Perhaps you managed to push their buttons in a manner which set them off in some way.

To your knowledge have any other BC contributors voiced similar concerns about Dave, Nils or any other editors at BC?

I have read your article. I think it's fine. I haven't commented as yet owing to business and getting smacked down by allergies today. I made a couple of comments on that Olympic/Nationalism article in the Culture section last nite, but pooped out soon after.

Keep plugging away.


Jeannie Danna said...

Thank You, Terry!

I hope that you feel better soon.

You don't know what a huge compliment you just gave to me. I am trying to write quality articles in the hope that I may approach a site that will pay me for my work. I feel like a slave at the present time, but I know that I need to learn more about correct writing mechanics. as you can see, here.
The other fact that sets me apart from the other political writers, with the exception of Christine, is that I am a woman. I believe this is really at the Heart of the matter. Also, I tell it like it is!
:)jeannie AKA Poet Girl

Jeannie said...


How are you doing? We all miss your voice. Please come back soon, the fight to wake people up is not over.


Terry S said...

Oh, I'm okay.Over the past several months I've become a victim of some type of allergy. I lived more than 63 years with no particular allergies. This has been developing from a few episodes to the point now, I have to medicate against it everyday.

I made the mistake of stopping the meds a few days ago in the belief that I no longer needed it - kinda like a manic-depressive who thinks they're cured and can stop taking their meds.

Saturday morning, the sneezing, constantly runny nose and puffy eyes came back with a vengeance.

I used to think that people with allergies were over reacting. Well, I now know just how miserable it is.

I started up the meds again and it has settled down, fortunately.

As to my presence at BC, I tend to come and go - go hot and cold. I dive in for a while, making a lot of comments, maybe write an article or two, but then back off for a bit.

Also, my business has happily picked up which takes a lot of my time and energy.

Worry not. I'll be back, it for no other reason than to get under people's skin. :)

I judge by some of the comments between you and Clav/Nils that you've managed to mend some fences, no?


Jeannie said...

Great to read your response, I was really worried.
Do you think your allergy is environmental or food related? Well, take care of it and get lots of rest.
I think I may have ticked him off again, this morning! Me and my big mouth. :O
I also called the White house and Senator Schumer's office. I just e-mailed my article to Senator Kerry and the President. So, watch what you say in the threads! ha ha
I'm glad your doing better now.

Good to talk,
Jeannie :)

Jeannie said...

My husband agrees here, B, it's time for me to leave primary school. I can write and it should be somewhere that appreciates me.
Change is scary but needed, just like health care reform. So...why am I scared? What's Associated Content like?

Terry S said...

I'm not familiar with Associated Content. I just clicked on it, but I don't have time to check it out right now as I'm busy earning a living.

I'll give it a look over the week-end.


Jeannie said...

I don't want to leave BC. Call me a nut, but I like it there even if only a hand-full of people will answer my comments. Thank you for yours! :)