Saturday, September 13, 2008

Rupture is Back! Rupture is Back! Rupture is Back!

Hey! Rupture Is Back!
After being badgered by literally hundreds of my avid readers (well, one or two - maybe,) I finally gave in and decided to resurrect Rupture the Rapture ( Now, any articles I write involving religion and/or agnosticism/atheism will be posted on Rupture. All other stuff will remain here in the hallowed halls of Indy Boomer.

I know. The excitement is palbable. The press is, as I write, gathering in my front yard, having been pulled off of the campaign trail and coverage of Hurricane Ike. I will have a press conference with more details along with an announcement of a special "Rupture" giveaway including a top prize of the "End Times" package for two at the Armageddon Hilton.