Saturday, April 21, 2012

More Political Crap

Keep in mind that most of the people who will be voting the Republican ticket for President in November will be doing so not because they love or even like Mitt Romney. It will be because they hate Barack Obama.

Also the climate in this country is not currently conducive to liberal positions or progressive thought. It is far more likely that in the foreseeable future we will be governed at pretty much all levels by arch conservatives - social, fiscal and political -  than by anyone with a liberal or progressive bent.

If so, ultimately the pendulum will likely swing back, but in the interim the conservatives will do much damage to the fabric of this country. The US will turn inward and take giant steps backward. We will no longer be regarded as a serious player in world politics or world commerce. We will become nothing more than a belligerent backwater of old ideas, or of no ideas at all. The fundies will be sitting on their hands making dire predictions of the coming judgment, while they wait contentedly for the rapture to sweep them away on the Paradise Express, leaving the rest of us vile sinners to succumb to Satan and eternal hell. Whoopie!


... Zoe ~ said...

We met a Tea Partier in Florida this year. Lovely lady. But, oh wow, hate Obama or what? Hate, hate, hate. Everything in the world, Obama's fault.

Terry S said...

Hey Zoe. How ya doin?

I run across a lot of them in my work appraising homes. I rarely reveal my opinions to these folks as it would, I suppose, not be professional, or conducive to building confidence in my work. I usually just smile as best I can and keep my piece.

A Facebook "friend" of mine suggested that some people might vote republican because they are republicans. Never considered that. Guess he has a point. Still, the hatred I see and hear daily aimed at Obama is telling. Few will admit that there is anything racial about their feelings, but it's difficult to pull out anything substantive from their convictions other than that Obama is the spawn of Satan, the anti-christ and a commie.