Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Swans! Woohoo!

A day for swans. These two majestic fowl ambled across our yard and settled for a time in a neighbor's front yard to calmly preen. I couldn't get any really good shots owing to their incessant preening, the little bastards! Oh well.


Zoe said...

Terry! So cool. The pics turned out better then you think. Reminds me of the day a momma duck waddled through here with several little ducklings behind her. I have some pics of that in my library somewhere. I should dig them out sometime.

Do swans winter in your area or are they flying south and just stopped over at your place?

Terry S said...


I don't think they winter over here, although I did see a few gathered at a local Holiday Inn - I think they were headed for the bar. :)

Actually, swans seem to be a staple at area cemetaries and at some of the hoitier toitier apartment and condo projects that tout small lakes or retention ponds in the area.

I don't know where these two came from. They weren't at all disturbed by cars driving by a few feet from where they were preening themselves, and didn't register my presence at all. So, I assume that they are used to people and cars moving around them.

I have a great shot of some swans I took a few years ago for an appraisal I did. I currently have it as my desktop image. I think I used it in a Rupture post some time ago, but I'll post it here later today. It's a good'n.