Friday, June 13, 2008

Tim Russert

I'm sure that anyone taking the time to read here has already heard of NBC newsman Tim Russert's passing, so this post is not meant to be "news."

Many people have little good to say regarding the mass news media. But Tim Russert was, in my opinion one of the best. He became the face and voice of "Meet the Press," and his tireless enthusiasm for politics and the election process in particular was infectious. At least since the 2000 election, I can remember him zeroing in on the state or states that the respective elections would turn on with his white marker board. His love for his job and his thoroughness in doing it was always obvious.

Much more has and is being said by Russert's colleagues regarding his professionalism and his humanity; much more than I can offer. I can only say that I will personally miss his broad, smiling face and excited energy in the coming weeks and months as the presidential campaign progresses.

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